"A Controversial New Book For The Women Who's Always Known She Was Different."
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Sister, I Wrote This Book For YOU!
From The Desk Of Setema Gali
Orange County, CA
If you are a woman agent, advisor, attorney, broker, producer or entrepreneur - then this book will be the most important book you've  read all year. 

If you have a calling in your heart to do more, be more and live bigger, then you already know how easy it is to lose that fire... to give so much of yourself that over time, you forget who you truly are. You abandon the Spirit inside of you - a champion, a fighter, a dreamer, an influencer, a Queen. 

If this resonate with you sister, I invite you to come with me on a journey as we unlock unlimited Prosperity in every area of your life.
This book will teach you how to live life as a Shield Maiden.

Get your copy now Sister. I can't wait to see you on the other side.
Here's A Fraction Of What You're Getting :
  •  How to show up powerfully and confront and any situation - in the boardroom or the bedroom - to get what you want. 
  •  Get 100% clarity on exactly what you want in every area of life - Physical, Spiritual, Relational, Financial... Clarity Is Power. 
  •  Why motivation, meditation, and mantras don't work for alpha females and what to do instead.
  •  Never before seen stories of the sisterhood of Shield Maiden - go behind the scenes of the most elite "women only" business mastermind
  •  Full-length eBook chock full of the most powerful systems, mindsets, distinctions, and daily routines.
  •  The 10-Step Process for handling stress and setbacks in 15 minutes or less. Stay on your game and become unshakeable in your certainty and momentum. 
  •  The fastest, easiest way to dump old patterns and behaviors that are keeping you stuck and create a brand-new definition of yourself in business, marriage and everywhere you go. 
  •    So Much More...
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